Anything Can Happen On Halloween

I’ll just leave this hereā€¦..


Witches Night Out

As we get closer to All Hallows Eve here’s some dark and dray 70’s fun. I’m probably one of the only people that remembers this cartoon but if your a fan old animation, Gilda Radner and silly spooky pranks this video is worth a watch. It also has the song “Witch Magic” which is more than delightful.

Something scary for Halloween

My plan for the next couple days was to mainly post spooky shit in honor of my favorite holiday and then something truly horrifying came up on my social media. This video where a woman walks for ten hours and is harassed over 100 times. She’s followed by two different men, one of them harassing her the the whole time, one just silently follows. This is my life every day. This is why I wear headphones just to go to the corner store. Continue reading

The Complete Ouija Interviews by Sarah Becan

ouija interviews


I bet you have never heard of Sarah Becan’s The Complete Ouija Interviews and that dear readers is a sin. Especially during this glorious month when if you’re anything like me you want it to be all spooky shit all the time. I picked up this tiny well made little book at MOCCA a few years back and remains one of my favorite buys.

The book premise is very simple Becan illustrates the transcripts of Quija Interviews that took place over three years.

It’s amazing.

The sometimes funny, sometimes sad but generally always emotionally moving book has simple artwork that captures both the grotesqueness of the subject matter but also the playfulness of it. Fan of Edward Gorey *waves* will not be disappointed.

While this book is apparently no longer available in physical form if you have ten dollars you can go here to request the spirits manifest themselves in your e-reader. Trust me you will not be disappointed that these Ghosts followed you home.


Why is There No Marvel Character Buy Back Kickstarter?


Remember this chart by The Geek Twins? For those of you that missed it, here’s the chart that breaks down which movie studio owns which beloved character. So as you can see the reason we aren’t getting any of Spidey’s witty Queens banter in the epic snark fest that is Joss Wedon’s Avengers is because Sony owns Spiderman while Marvel owns the Avengers. Apply the same for the majority of the marvel mutants that matter. With recent news that Benedict Cumberbatch is up for the role of Doctor Strange a companion of mine pointed out that Cumberbuttons would make a better Mr. Fantastic.


And you know after looking at the lanky bastard for a moment I have to agree. Cumberbuttons would make a mean Reid Richards. But that brings us back to the problem of Fox owning the Fantastic Four so they’re also in the Avenger Time Out Movie Sandbox.


Now I assume it would cost Marvel a lot of money to buy the rights back from all these companies. After all Avengers and X-Men both sold tickets like gangbusters. Marvel, while having a lot of money probably doesn’t have quite that much money. Sounds improbable I know but remember even Paul McCartney couldn’t afford the rights to his own music. Shit happens and corporations care about making money not movies jam packed with characters we love. So here’s my question, why haven’t we as the nerd community made a Kickstarter to buy back the rights for all those characters?

Do you want to see Marvel Civil War? Because this is how you get Civil War. Or Onslaught or Avengers Vs. X-Men…but fuck House of M, I’m still mad about that. I digress….

Kickstarter? Anyone? Hey it got me more Veronica Mar’s I figure it’s worth the attempt. I got a spare 20 on me.