The Complete Ouija Interviews by Sarah Becan

ouija interviews


I bet you have never heard of Sarah Becan’s The Complete Ouija Interviews and that dear readers is a sin. Especially during this glorious month when if you’re anything like me you want it to be all spooky shit all the time. I picked up this tiny well made little book at MOCCA a few years back and remains one of my favorite buys.

The book premise is very simple Becan illustrates the transcripts of Quija Interviews that took place over three years.

It’s amazing.

The sometimes funny, sometimes sad but generally always emotionally moving book has simple artwork that captures both the grotesqueness of the subject matter but also the playfulness of it. Fan of Edward Gorey *waves* will not be disappointed.

While this book is apparently no longer available in physical form if you have ten dollars you can go here to request the spirits manifest themselves in your e-reader. Trust me you will not be disappointed that these Ghosts followed you home.



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