Mary-Sue Interviews the Batgirl team

Recently The Mary Sue was able to sit down with the Batgirl creative team to discuss the publics reaction to the brand new more hipster Babs and her more cyber villains. Overall the interview is great and it gives me a lot of hope for the series but some parts of it left me shaking my head a little. For once it’s DC Fan’s I’m annoyed with rather than DC itself because you know the patriarchy likes to shake things up.

Artist Babs Tarr pretty much summed things up for me in this quote

“Those first two pages [of issue 35] has brought up so much conversation about what is expected of women, and acting perfect,” said Tarr, referring to a night Babs spends partying and kissing a dude. “And mostly girls are like, ‘She’s fine! She’s her own person! She can do whatever she wants!’ and guys are like ‘A superhero girl shouldn’t be degrading herself like that!’ And it’s like, that’s your own deal you’re pushing on her.”

It’s funny to me how no one thought Batman was “degrading” himself when he was fucking Catwoman on a rooftop. The constant double standard bullshit needs to stop. Batgirl made out with a really hot dude at a party, to me that sounds like a win. Making out is awesome no matter what gender you are. We need to get rid of this notion that when women participate in sexual acts they are inherently degrading. That kind of thinking isn’t healthy for anyone involved and the only thing it leads to is shame filled crappy sex. Do you want that guys? Do you? No? Ok then stop shaming women about having libidos.

It’s especially frustrating when those same dudes who are holding women to chaste standards then don’t understand why a hacker villain like the one Bab’s faces who runs a revenge porn site is a real threat to women. I mean just the fact there there is a whole industry behind “revenge porn” should make people shudder. It’s a betrayal I can not fathom that also leads to real life consequences for women from public humiliation to loss of employment to the ever popular rape and death threats. More and more the internet is becoming not just an unwelcome landscape for women it’s becoming a place that’s actually dangerous for us to exist. It speaks highly of the Batgirl team that they not only recognized this threat but chose to make it the fore front of their title. The team was in all ways shooting for relevance with the newest storyline and they’ve achieved it in stunning ways. My only wish was that the threats Batgirl faced were as fictional for women as the Joker is for men. But it seems women still have some battles left to fight.

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