What Makes a Good Diary Comic

I’m a huge fan of diary comics. Julia Wertz is probably one of the best. Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy fame had a great one called DAR. Even Lucy Knisley had Stop Paying Attention . For many diary comics seem to be a way to get started. The problem with that is that sometimes life just isn’t interesting. I spend a good 8 hours day at my office day job. There’s maybe one thing a week that happens that would bring amusement to anyone else and that’s if I’m lucky. I see a lot of up coming diary cartoonist that give me faithful representations of their day but not of the human experience. There needs to be a context, readers need a reason to care about a diary comic beyond voyeurism. A good diary comic is able to catch the absurdity that is much of our every day lives. The specifics of events make them interesting but their universality is what makes the comics meaningful. A good diary comic shows that even when you feel like you’re the only person on the planet who does or feels a certain way there’s always someone out there who feels just like you.



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