Why exactly did Barbie Surprise you

I really wish my first reaction to the new Barbie about coding being ridiculously sexist was shock. Look people this is still Barbie, what about her makes you think she’s on the feminist ball? I know you can make a look at all those jobs she’s had argument but at the end of the day we all know those jobs are more about selling outfits than empowering girls. Don’t believe me? Then why does Doctor Barbie wear high heels?

Anyway in case FB has yet to inform you Mattel put out and doosy of a picture book called Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer.  It contains jems like this.



The book continues to the obvious lesson that if girls want to use computers they need help from boys. It’s facepalmingly bad in places.  Here’s why I’m not shocked. I’m appalled, and disappointed but not shocked.

It’s not even a secret anymore that women in the tech industry are abused so badly they LEAVE. Two different women who work in the games industry (the very thing Barbie wants to do) were threatened with rape and murder and forced to leave their homes. A different woman was Doxxed just because she said she was scared. What exactly was it about our current culture that made anyone think a book could come out about girls and tech and not be terrible?

Children’s media especially has to get through a lot of gatekeepers and they for the most part aren’t the liberal parents we’d all like them to be. Those gatekeepers sometimes have views that make most of us cringe at the Thanksgiving table because Crazy Aunt Maude is talking again. When the media run by our generation can’t even handle this topic without literally police being called how can we expect anyone else to do better?

It’s why I take feminist issues in things so seriously because we are no where near the point where a book like this is shocking, it was just Wednesday.

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