Why exactly did Barbie Surprise you

I really wish my first reaction to the new Barbie about coding being ridiculously sexist was shock. Look people this is still Barbie, what about her makes you think she’s on the feminist ball? I know you can make a look at all those jobs she’s had argument but at the end of the day we all know those jobs are more about selling outfits than empowering girls. Don’t believe me? Then why does Doctor Barbie wear high heels?

Anyway in case FB has yet to inform you Mattel put out and doosy of a picture book called Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer.  It contains jems like this.



The book continues to the obvious lesson that if girls want to use computers they need help from boys. It’s facepalmingly bad in places.  Here’s why I’m not shocked. I’m appalled, and disappointed but not shocked.

It’s not even a secret anymore that women in the tech industry are abused so badly they LEAVE. Two different women who work in the games industry (the very thing Barbie wants to do) were threatened with rape and murder and forced to leave their homes. A different woman was Doxxed just because she said she was scared. What exactly was it about our current culture that made anyone think a book could come out about girls and tech and not be terrible?

Children’s media especially has to get through a lot of gatekeepers and they for the most part aren’t the liberal parents we’d all like them to be. Those gatekeepers sometimes have views that make most of us cringe at the Thanksgiving table because Crazy Aunt Maude is talking again. When the media run by our generation can’t even handle this topic without literally police being called how can we expect anyone else to do better?

It’s why I take feminist issues in things so seriously because we are no where near the point where a book like this is shocking, it was just Wednesday.


ElegantCuff for the business nerd

My first thought when seeing these cufflinks was that they’d be perfect for a really classy literary drug dealer.


Showing off your nerd pride when your have a real adult office job that requires the most stuffy and boring of uniforms takes some extra effort. Thankfully stores like ElegantCuff offers a huge array of super bad ass cufflinks to add a dash of geekery to your suit.

So whither your deal is catching them all.



Making mother fucking earthquake machines



Or just being the all seeing eye of evil



This etsy store has your covered.


8bitBetty has your introvert anthem

I’ve been a chip tunes fan for basically a decade now (pause while I feel old) and I’ve seen the scene go through lots of changes over the years. The addition of lyrics to our chippy anthems is a pretty new but super welcome change. 8BitBetty’s Hedgehog Dilemma is  probably one of my favorite chip tunes songs of all time. It tells the story of every shy introvert everywhere. It’s especially relevant for all us shy New Yorkers with lyrics like “why am I alone again tonight/ In a city filled with possibilities.” It’s kind of a love song for everyone wishing they could find the nerve to find the shy person whose just right for them. Check out 8BitBetty’s Bandcamp page for the full lyrics and a chance to download the song for  merely a dollar.





Winter has come, get nerdy with it.

Two days ago I was running around with no coat on. Last night it snowed in the states surrounding me. Winter is here and I’m making peace with not being warm for the next six months. Thankfully the internet and sheep exists. RedPandaKnits is has everything your need to brave the elements sans frostbite.



I have to admit a magical stretching puppy would be a pretty good neck warmer. But I personally can’t contain my glee over this Catbug scarf.



But really it’s the Ewok cowl that I think will keep me warmest and I’m sure the fact that I’m about as tall as an Ewok will amuse all that know and love me to no end.


Orders placed before December 7th will arrive in time for the Holidays so get clicking!

Mary-Sue Interviews the Batgirl team

Recently The Mary Sue was able to sit down with the Batgirl creative team to discuss the publics reaction to the brand new more hipster Babs and her more cyber villains. Overall the interview is great and it gives me a lot of hope for the series but some parts of it left me shaking my head a little. For once it’s DC Fan’s I’m annoyed with rather than DC itself because you know the patriarchy likes to shake things up.

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You should be Reading: Depressed Alien


I found the web comic Depressed Alien some time last year and literally sat down and read through every single post in one day. It’s written by flash game developer Connor Ullmann and his one shot comics are both hilarious and thoughtful. It’s the best kind of minimal. It updates three times a week and always brings a tiny bit of cringe worthy delight to my day.