The Internet is a Lonely Place

“We were there too, the other geeks and weird kids whose lives were hellish at school, who escaped into books and computers, who stayed up all night scanning obscure forums, looking for transcendence, dreaming of elsewhere. We were there too, but you didn’t see us, because we were girls. And the costs of being the geek were the same for us, right down to the sexual frustration, the yearning, the being laughed at, the loneliness. […] We had to fight the same battles you did, only harder, because we were women and we also had to fight sexism, some of it from you, and when we went looking for other weird kids to join our gang, we were told we weren’t ‘real geeks’ because we were girls.” ― Laurie Penny, Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet

If you haven’t been reading Laurie Penny’s books and her blog Penny Red fix that now. I read this quote as it appears in Penny’s book Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution and it struck me really hard. It described how alone I felt in middle school. I once read an article by a friend about how accepting and amazing nerd culture was because everyone was a little weird and finally they had this place to belong and it hurt to have to tell him that I never felt that acceptance. I love going to comic con but I still brace myself for the dude that thinks I’m there for my boyfriend. Going to comic shops still means I have to listen to a well meaning dude explain comics I’ve already read to me. The loneliness I was used to. Same with feeling like I didn’t belong but it hurts more from nerds because they should be my people. Getting told I’m not a real gamer because I play “girl games” stings a lot more than a jock calling me a bitch. Being a girl means constantly having to fight to belong and I’m so fucking sick of fighting.

Trout Heart Replica Inspired Image


“when the wizard gets to me I’m asking for a smaller heart”
Trout Heart Replica is probably one of my favorite break up songs. Like many of Amanda Fucking Palmer’s songs it’s a raw and emotional. Listening to it makes you feel like your swimming in your sorrow and sometimes that’s all you can do. The song inspired Toby from Little Creepy Crawlers to create the amazing image above. Thanks Toby! Keep making good art and if you haven’t heard the song the image was inspired by get the to a soundcloud you might find yourself inspired too or maybe healed a little.

Brenna Twohy “In Which I Do Not Fear Harvey Dent”

You probably don’t know that you know Brenna Twohy. She got some attention earlier in the year with her amazing poem Fantastic Breast and Where to Find Them. Which if you haven’t seen go fix that now. After watching that for the hundredth time I went looking for more from Mrs. Twohy and found this epic gem of slam poetry.

Poetry gets a bad rap. It’s been painted by every bad poem that we’ve heard in our 9th grade english class but good poetry is magic and Twohy is a brilliant magician. I’ve known a lot of nerds and a lot of them have panic disorders and/or anxiety disorders, it’s so empowering to see someone use my language, the language of super heroes to say look this is hard and unfair but we’re fighting. The best thing about poetry is that in 3 minutes you can give someone something to hold on to. Something that might make the next three minutes just a little bit easier. I sincerely hope Brenna puts out a book soon because I want something to hand people when they are invisible. I want to give them something real that says look, someone sees you.

CMEA, A Great Idea, Which Totally Ignored How Meth Users Act.

Fuck yes! We need harm reduction not silly laws that inconvenience people rather than stop illegal drug use.

Terry Gotham

This week I’m talking about Crystal Meth. Yes, that drug. The one they really thought they had figured out back in the 00’s, and interestingly enough, gave us a perfect example of how top down drug legislation can miss the mark. In 2005, several states had the bright idea to make Sudafed harder to get, to prevent it from being purchased by meth cooks to use to make…meth of course. They turned Sudafed from “over the counter” to “under the counter” which added checks and signatures and a whole song and dance routine (actually just showing ID & signing your name) to get pseudoephedrine. This would ostensibly create a database of people using the stuff to make meth, bingo bango, they get arrested. No more meth cooks, no more meth. No more meth, no more meth users. This idea seemed so solid, that after many states passed state versions of…

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Mare Odomo has your Pokemon Feels

Mare Odomo has written a comic that will tear your grew up with a single mom heart out. The 4×4 comic entitled Letters to an Absent Father features 12 little comics set up as letters from Ash to his father written as he tries to catch them all. These comics deal not only with abandonment but with the existential crisis of growing up and following the path you think your supposed to follow and realizing it’s not enough. That sometimes the things we’re told to want just aren’t fulfilling and it’s hard to know where to go from there. If you’re like me and you delight in hand drawn ennui and comics that punch you in the heart this is 7 dollars well spent.



How Anon Culture feeds GamerGate

I’ve been avoiding mentioning the dreaded G word because saying it feels like chucking a basketball at a hornets nest and I haven’t felt up to dealing with rape threats this month. But I’m big on the idea that you can not fight something until you understand it and this storify from A Man In Black’s twitter is one of the best explanations of how this crap becomes acceptable that I’ve read yet. Now obviously this doesn’t cover every part of GG, there’s a lot about institutionalized sexism that just isn’t going to fit into 140 character sentences. There’s a lot of necessary critique going on about how women are treated online that takes a lot of factors into account. But this is an important piece of the what the fuck is wrong with these people puzzle that needs to be included in our discussion of cybersexism.

Epic Yule Logs

Laughing Squid brought the Yule Log 2.0 project into my life and it’s been warming my monitor every since. The site features 70 artist with 80 short films that re-imagine the iconic yule log. You can play these looped videos at full screen. For those of us who have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit these videos are a charming bit of holiday calm.

Koalas Got No Time For Trifling Hoes.

I will never not love this Koala. Jim Gallo needs to make these into greeting cards.

Terry Gotham

Koala HoesI’m all about glib & lolworthy music-related art, and my boy Jim dashed off a dope sketch featuring a gives-no-fucks Koala. Who knows, maybe if we help him get some replacement hardware he can draw some more animals spouting lyrics. Can someone please make woodland creatures dropping 2 Chainz & Taylor Swift?

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It’s the little details

With a name like Deeply Dapper one can expect a little household class with their etsy purchase. For those of you looking to add a touch of geek to every part of your home there are Harry Potter light switch covers. il_570xN.694659522_inpf

If Zelda is more you Castle style there are these neat little key hooks. You can even get crafty and buy the do it yourself key chain kit.  il_570xN.468356694_gnb9