Ursula K. Le Guin is one badass 85 year old

In case you missed it, Ursula K. Le Guin made literary headlines  with her speech at the 65th annual National Book Awards.


As I spend a good portion of my IRL time actively trying to fight the damage our current capitalist system is doing you can imagine how giddy this quote made me. But the octogenarian wasn’t done yet she had a few more stones to chuck in an interview with the Cannon Beach Gazette she called out Amazon pretty fucking fiercely.

Asked if she believes Amazon does more harm than good, she said, “Amazon is not doing good to American literature at this point.”

However, she recognizes that “Amazon is a notoriously flexible company” that may very well change its ways. “I wish it was as simple as just being anti-Amazon. It’s like trying to be anti-Google: You can’t be,” she said…

Amazon is “doing nothing but making money from it,” she said. “They have no other relationship to literature. It’s just a money cow.”

Has Le Guin herself ever been forced to compromise her artistic vision or accept interference from such “profiteers”?

“No, but I’ve been invited to sell my soul,” she said, laughing.

Ursula has always been a writer I admire but her current bout of intelligently calling out bullshit has landed her squarely on my women I want to be like when I’m old list. If theres one thing we need more of in the world it’s people willing to challenge that which seems unchangeable.

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