Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution by Laurie Penny

Laurie Penny will piss you off, or rather the light she shines on how fucked things are will piss you off.

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Over The Garden Wall: A Bizarre Love Letter to Forgotten America.

If you’ve already watched Over The Garden Wall this is a great analysis of the show. If you haven’t go watch it, for real it’s short and mind blowing

Burning Paper Tigers

So Nathaniel Hawthorne, Norman Rockwell and The Brothers Grimm all walk into a bar… That’s the only way to even attempt to describe Over The Garden Wall. However the analogy does do a disservice to the shows creator, Patrick McHale, and the originality of his imagination. If you throw Marty Mcfly in with the four men above you pretty much have the perfect summation of the influences that come together in this unique show.
For those of you who missed this amazing show (don’t be embarrassed it received virtually no hype outside of the U.S.), Over The Garden Wall was a series of 10 short cartoons aired by Cartoon Network in November 2014. Each episode tracks the strange and wonderful odyssey of half brothers Wirt (voiced beautifully by Elijah Wood) and Greg ( The ultimated little brother voiced provided by Colin Dean), as they attempt to find their way…

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Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter


If you want to understand the confusing power that is female sexuality and beauty read Ugly Girls by Lindsay Hunter. The books is a grimy hard ride through trailer park poverty. This is the kind of novel that makes you want a shower in the best possible way. It holds a mirror up to the kind of girl that we rarely acknowledge exists. Baby Girl and Perry, the main characters are cold and cruel, growing up in a hopeless place. They are keenly aware of the fact that there’s no escape from the monotony and utter boredom of their lives and for the reader there is no escape from this narrative.  Continue reading

Joy Young breaks down non-binary in a poem

I recently found Joy Young on Button Poetry (go there it’s a fucking wonder of poetic experiences) and she’s actually the first non-binary poet I’ve ever seen which is depressing but god am I glad to have someone else at the party (I can’t eat all these chips by myself). Most people I know even my activist friends don’t truly understand what it is to be gender queer. It’s a concept but all the feelings are missing. Dear Joy, thank you for giving us words.

Hardcore Taylor Swift? Thanks I Prevail

I Prevail sounds like the kind of band you listen to when no one’s around. They scratch all of my Linkin Park itches without the shame of actually listening to Linkin Park. In what I’d say is one of the best marketing plans ever the band did a hardcore cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space which manages to make every version of my seventeen year old self super pleased. Truth be told I do really love Taylor and Blank Spaces to me is a nice little musical equivalent of Gone Girl, so having some scruffy rocker dudes scream lyrics like “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” just makes me delightfully giggly. If you want to think to hard about gender presentation I did find it interesting how changing the gender of the singer can change the feeling behind the song. We aren’t used to women owning their crazy in the same way that we are used to men owning their damage. It’s a wonderful thought experiment as well as just fun to listen too. The fact that lead singer Brian Burkheiser is both easy on the eyes and a fucking good singer doesn’t hurt any. Here’s hoping the band gets more than a brief blip of attention.

How To Cope


This is care of the Perkins Psych blog. if you’re going through a bad time remember it’s ok to feel shitty. It’s normal. It’s human. It’s how you deal with those feelings that matters. Avoid the green, shoot for the purple. Ask for help and if you don’t get it the first or the fifth time keep asking. There are people in the world that will help you, they can be hard to find sometimes but they are real. Keep going. Things will change. Trust yourself to survive your troubles.