Oscar inspired tribute

tumblr_m5wio8ySwO1rues31o1_1280 To a man that inspired The Imitation Game and gave us computers as we know them today. Alan Turing, I’m glad you’re name and story are getting told, We should pour one out for all the rich discovers you could have made had hatred and bigotry not ended your life.

And in memory of the great Robin Williams.


Thank you for all the characters but mostly for showing people how amazing human kindness can be and that growing up can still be silly.

I’d like a tissue now thanks.

Pussy Riot I Can’t Breath

I can’t breath, the dying words of Eric Garner became a rallying cry in New York against police brutality and now the famed Russian band Pussy Riot has given the words new power in their latest song. To be honest I’ve never seen the video of Eric Garners murder. I have a hard time watching people die so this song was the first time I’ve heard the audio of that event. It’s not easy to listen to and it shouldn’t be. This song is a reminder of why we are fighting. Why we shut down bridges and tunnels, because there’s a portion of our population that is stopped every day because of the color of their skin. Because they get murdered over selling a god damn cigarette and our justice department won’t even have a trial. Marches are long, thanks Pussy Riot for giving me a good song to listen to while I’m hitting the streets and for the reminder of what we’re fighting.