Anita Sarkeesian finally get’s to say fuck you

“I’m angry that I’m expected to accept online harassment as the price of being a women with an opinion”

It’s kind of depressing that she had to go all the way to the Australian All About Women festival to be able to say this. It’s depressing that I know all I have to do to get some trolls on my twitter feed is tweet this woman’s name.

Come on dudes, all we’re trying to say is we don’t feel safe in the world largely because of the actions of men. Why can’t you hear us?

Petitioning DEATH

In a sweet and silly gesture fans of Terry Pratchett have started a petition to one of the authors most famous characters, DEATH asking that he kindly return the author to us. The Independent did a pretty good write up of the story. This is one petition that I really wish would work. But I guess I’ll just have to go read Good Omens and be glad for the 66 years and 70 books instead.

Terry Pratchett on why Cats get away with sh*t.

From one Terry to another. He will be sorely missed.

Terry Gotham

Terry Pratchett on why Cats get away with sh*t.

Terry Pratchett is a triumph of wordsmithing and British awesomeness. Read as much of his work as you can, but if you only have time for 2 sentences of his today, make them these. And I capitalized cats because I didn’t want to upset the clearly feline Gods/Goddesses of the Internets.

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Steve Love Internet Comic is Your Life

If you’re looking for a good way to eat up your day Steve Love Internet is the place to be.


When I first found this web comic I found myself both wishing there were more and glad there weren’t because I could spend hours reading it’s commentary about our daily interactions with the web. It sums up my love hate relationship with the media so perfectly I had to share it.


I’ve already added Steve to my RSS feed and I’m looking forward to more of those guilty yeah I feel that way giggles as the series continues.  I hope you didn’t have plans for the next 20 minutes.

All I have to say about last week


Ok I lied I’ll say a tiny bit more. I grew up watching Star Trek both the original and Next Gen. The show impacted my life the way it impacted many others, with it’s diversity and examination of what it is to be human. It was truly one of the first shows that proved representation in the media matters. It’s easy to love actors for the characters they play. Fiction is easy to love. But real people….that can be harder. We don’t see all their flaws explained on the big screen. But some actors are able to become more than the stories they weave. Leonard Nimoy was one of those actors. I’m truly saddened to see him go but the response to his passing gives me hope that the ripples of his life will leave many great things behind.