But I’m a Nice Guy!

Animator Scott Benson created this creepy stunning short about the Red Pill bullshit we see on the internet all the time. It’s nice to see guys finally taking a stand against this kind of thinking and behavior because women can’t correct it on their own. Red Pill dudes inherently don’t believe anything women say so it’s up to other men to set them straight.

The Festival Lawyer Helps You Protect Your Phone in Under 2 Minutes.

This is something everyone but especially activist should be aware of and using. Thanks to The Festival Lawyer and Terry Gotham for getting the word out.

Terry Gotham

 I don’t get into the legal realm very often, but this is important. The Festival Lawyer has put out a quick, easy to follow video with tips to make sure your phone is protected just in case the cops decide to ruin your day. Little things, like password protection, ways to speak to them that don’t inadvertently waive your rights, and even apps to download to help you record the cops. These little things are all presented quickly, easily & The Festival Lawyer totally has a great voice for radio. I’m definitely following all of the steps & subscribing to the new Festival Lawyer network, because that’s gonna be useful at some point. I can promise you that much. Get the video into your face & show your stupid friend, you know the one I mean.

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Squirrel Girl kicks ass at Wondercon

My favorite thing about this (aside from the adorableness of it all) is that as all good Marvel fans know Squirrel Girl is actually a total badass. She took down THANOS, by herself.

The inclusion of a Spider Gwen cosplayer also reminded me that between her, Squirrel Girl,  Ms. Marvel and Silk, there’s actually a good number of superhero characters that girls who don’t want to be all tits mcgee can cosplay as. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress up in revealing costumes but some of us A:just don’t have the chest to back those outfits up with and B: it’s freaking cold in the North like for most of the year covering more than eight inches of skin really helps keep they hypothermia away and C: some people just don’t like showing that much skin and that’s AOK too.

Cards Against Humanity restoring my faith in humanity

The supremely popular and totally inappropriate game to play around your parents Cards Against Humanity has teamed up with SMBC to create the Science Ambassador Scholorship.


The scholarship according to it’s website offers a “full-ride scholarship for women seeking undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

The other badass thing about this scholarship is that it defines women as “” Applicants can be in high school or college, and must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them. ”

It’s almost like this gender thing really isn’t that hard after all.