What I’m Reading: Hawkeye Vol 3 LA Woman

hawkeye vol 3I know, long title right? Anyway

I was a huge fan of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye when it premiered. It was a title that actually got me buying single titles again. I loved what most people did, the snark, David Aja’s art, the fact that it was a truly stand alone title. It was really hard not to love.  But somewhere around the time Kate Bishop packed off for LA, I stopped reading. I blamed it mostly on my unemployment and thus inability to keep buying weeklies but after reading LA Woman, I’m not surprised I let my weekly buying habits wane.

It’s probably also important for you to know that I’m a huge Kate Bishop fan. Like read both Young Avengers series, dressed as her for Halloween loooved. So you’d think this segue into Kate in the West would be everything I wanted and more but sadly you’d be wrong.

Mostly I found Kate to be kind of annoying with her fumbling PI work. I know they we’re trying to go for a like plucky noir vibe but it just fell flat for me, especially with Kate not really seeming to know how to get on in the world and needing sage wisdom from a random dude in the cat food aisle. Now I assume that Matt Fraction probably has less of a fight or flight reaction to every stranger they meet in public what with him being a dude but for me, any dude that tries to give me life advice in the pet food department is surly getting the side eye and future avoidance. I guess I’d always viewed Kate as having the same kind of suspicion. Maybe I’m projecting.

I also disliked that she seemed to not be able to handle herself. Granted she gets her ass kicked about as often as Clint Barton does the earlier comics featuring him but well…I feel like we also get to see Clint win some and I don’t mean manages to save a flower (literally 1 orchid plant that’s what YOUNG FUCKING AVENGER KATE BISHOP is doing in Cali)  I mean he still has his own bad ass moments. I never felt like Kate really had any walking out alone into the snow with just a bow and arrow and you still know she’s gonna win moments. Everything was to cutesy slapstick for me. It departed with what I liked about Fraction’s Hawkeye run but also with what I enjoyed about the character of Kate Bishop.

One thing I’d like for comic writers to stop doing is giving women these kind of special watered down girly problems to solve. Like when we got an all female X-Men team and the first story arch largely revolves around Jubilee adopting a baby, granted said baby has like a alien demon in it’s baby brain but that’s neither here nor there. I’m saying that unconscious gender bias’s make it into well meaning attempts at stories written about female characters. Having Kate’s primary enemies be a kind of a mutant Elizabeth Bathory (she used to bath in virgin blood to maintain her youth go wiki it) is what I’m talking about. Clint’s bad guys want money because that’s what’s of most value to men for women? Clearly it’s our youth right? Sigh. This kind of shit get’s old. And again it’s not the message I think Fraction wanted to send but it’s there none the less.

I’m going to read Vol 4 as soon as my bank account lets me have some spending money again but for now I’m deep sighing this one.

2 down 98 to go.



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