WIR: Nimona


This weeks book is the award winning Internet wondekin Noelle Stevenson‘s Nimona. This book began life as a webcomic that everyone told me to read that I just never got around to. One of the cool things about Nimona is that would actually get to see her talent growing as the comic goes on. The chapters become more meaningful, the art gets noticeably better. It’s a rare thing to see and I think it’s a necessary and inspiring book. It’s proof that beginners can make good art and that practice really does pay off. It’s the kind of thing that can really only happen on a web comic.

As for the story itself, it does start off cuties, with Nimoa wanting to be the villains sidekick, lots of silly jokes about her shapeshifing abilities. Stevenson’s writing is sarcastically lithe and the plot gets much deeper than what I’d normally expect from a college students webcomic. Nimona has real trust issues. There’s an implied gay relationship, female scientists and the ever present background noise that the government is lying to us. There is a very modern message about how the media is used to twist news by both sides wrapped up in this meadevil setting.

While Nimona deals with some adult themes and relationships it’s still kid friendly. This is a book everyone in the family can read with genuine interest.

I’ve got a couple more books to blog about but in the mean time I’m still pecking away at Anna Karenina, I swear I just read like 3 pages of mud and cows and no one wanting to farm. I’m about 150 pages in. A lot of this book is work but I am loving Old Leo’s emo emo ways.

The rest of my currently reading pile goes like this:

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster

The Upanishads

I….look I have trouble concentrating and a fear of going anywhere with only one book. I tell people I’m working on it.

3 down 97 more to go.


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