WIR Macbeth #killingit


Some times I read cheese ball stuff cause it’s short and I like cheese. Macbeth #killingit totally falls into that category. 

I’ve always liked Macbeth, (the play not the dude I’m less down with guys that like getting all stabby cause they don’t know how to say no to their wives) which is probably because I watched a lot of Gargoyles as a kid and he was pretty much the coolest dude on the show.

I got a free copy of this from someone who was like hey you like the internet and Shakespeare and I didn’t want to correct them that I like cat gifs and have a respect for the bard so I took it. I was expecting one of those literary fb timelines that went around years ago. There was a really good one about Pride and Prejudice but I wasn’t really sure that would translate into a whole book. Carbone tells most of the book via txt message which would have been much more amusing if I was the books target audience namely 11 year olds. As a 30 year old reading this it basically just reminded me that I am old and the kids these days talk a text speak I can’t fathom.

If you either don’t find emoji’s funny or can’t translate them then this book probably isn’t worth your time, not that it would actually take up that much time reading it. There are some moments that did amuse even my ancient black little heart though so that was fun.

So huzza 5 down 95 to go.


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