WIR: The Upanishads


I spent a lot of the past few years seeking the faith in physics and the science in religious text. Maybe it’s the whole aging thing. Maybe it’s just the fact that I don’t have kids so most of my thoughts are free to focus on not having to keep a tiny ostensibly drunk human alive. It can get pretty cosmic when you’re bored. Anyway reading the Tao of Physics last year led me here to one of the oldest Hindu Scriptures.

There was a lot of this that I just am not versed enough to understand nor did I want to take the time to truly learn the material. I want to come back to it someday maybe during my next existential crisis. It did make me feel good about nature and faith but a month on I can’t really tell you why. A lot of spiritual text does that to me. I think partially because it’s meant to a piece of paper doesn’t last from 700 BC because it had a nice rhyme scheme. Things last because they touch us and more importantly because they sooth us. I found peace in this text but like most religious doctrine and me that peace is sadly short lived.

I go back to the world. I go back to my jobs and the hustle of trying to pay rent in this unfathomable city and everything else washes away. I read another book. I walk the slushy glistening streets and try to be greatful for the thousands of beautiful moments I have.

Don’t worry folks like a snowstorm in New York this mush won’t last forever. I’ll bring the snark back tomorrow or the next day. I dunno something something entropy. Something something putting the pieces back together.


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