No fate but what we make. This is totally worth the read.


Pssssst. Hey, you! Your spiritual practice might just be playing into the same harmful notions of the heteromonotheisticpatriarchy that you’ve been trying to distance yourself from, thus feeding into a never-ending cycle of shame&blame.

Let’s go for a walk…

Do you believe that if you align yourself correctly, good will come to you more than it will come to others? Do you believe that your spiritual practice will somehow protect you from evil— or from Death, destruction, and decay? Howabout the reverse: do you believe that you might call terrible things towards yourself because its some sort of lesson that you need to learn, or maybe because you’re ‘out of alignment’?

Let’s try this one on for size: “If you’re a good girl, you’ll go to Heaven. And if you’re bad, you’ll go to Hell.”?

Still with me?

News Flash: The world is a chaotic abyss of nothingness and wonder…

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