Books That Make Me Cry In Public

I really hate public displays of emotion involving me. If we’re hanging out feel free to lose your shit I’ll hold your hat till your done. But when it comes to me, I don’t want anyone seeing me cry ever. It’s also pretty easy to make me cry. You’ think I would have learned that certain books are not for public consumption. But no. I also hate myself. As the majority of my reading is done on the subway you can see this is a reoccurring issue. So here’s a new segment I’m starting. Books that make me cry in public. (Spoilers ahoy)
The Timeliest answer is The Hunger Games. ALL. FUCKING. THREE. OF. THEM.


Basically any scene relating to Rue or District 11 and I need the tissues. It’s ugly cry time hard core. You would think the ending of Mockingjay (which I mostly read in the NYC District Courthouse because I magically had jury duty or as I call it “Good Citizen Paid Reading Time”) would have done me in but I think I was actually in to much shock. Oh also the bombing of District 8 and when Gale goes over to the dark side. ughh excuse me I think my contacts are …..I have to go.