It’s the little details

With a name like Deeply Dapper one can expect a little household class with their etsy purchase. For those of you looking to add a touch of geek to every part of your home there are Harry Potter light switch covers. il_570xN.694659522_inpf

If Zelda is more you Castle style there are these neat little key hooks. You can even get crafty and buy the do it yourself key chain kit.  il_570xN.468356694_gnb9


Help fight Con Oder with Pokeball Soap

Do you feel like making bath time a little more nerdy? Ever wish showers produced something more than damp towels and fresh scents? Having trouble convincing your ten year old to make friends with water on a semi-regular basis? If so, then Digitalsoaps is one etsy shop that will have you saying shut up and take my money.


Their Pokeball soap   cost 16 dollars and comes with the chance of winning a gold or silver pokemon figure although most will be plastic.

pokesoapThat’s right each strawberry rhubarb pie scented ball contains one 3D printed little handful of adorable and yes I do want to catch them all.   pokesoap2

Look at that little Eevee and tell me this isn’t the perfect stocking stuffer?

The etsy  description page lists the ingredients as

· Coconut Oil
· Palm Oil
· Safflower Oil
· Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin)
· Purified Water
· Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent)
· Sorbitol (moisturizer)
· Sorbitan Oleate (emulsifier)
· Oat Protein (conditioner)
· Titanium Dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque soaps)
· Fragrance and color

Chestnuts roasting on the 8Bit fire?

It may be the fact that I’m a total 80’s baby but this 8 bit Fireplace by JamesBit on Etsy warms my nerdy little heart.


I don’t even own a fire place but I’m actually considering getting this anyway just because look at it! It’s beyond bad ass. In case you’re wondering it’s a painting on a canvas that you can order in different sizes to fit your fireplace. Personally I think this is a zillion times cooler than putting a candelabra from target in there. Just saying.

But for apartment dwellers lacking in fireplaces fear not James has other 8bit awesomeness to adorn your living spaces. Check out the Secret Passage floor decal 


If I were a child this would blow my mind. I’ve had Vinyl floor decals in my place before and they are not only neato they’re easy to clean and can generally tolerate being walked on. They also come up easy when it’s time to move or you get sick of them without leaving a mess. So you know you can get your savings deposit back and all of that.

Remember we’re adults that means we get to live how we want. Decorate your castle with things that make you smile.