Mare Odomo has your Pokemon Feels

Mare Odomo has written a comic that will tear your grew up with a single mom heart out. The 4×4 comic entitled Letters to an Absent Father features 12 little comics set up as letters from Ash to his father written as he tries to catch them all. These comics deal not only with abandonment but with the existential crisis of growing up and following the path you think your supposed to follow and realizing it’s not enough. That sometimes the things we’re told to want just aren’t fulfilling and it’s hard to know where to go from there. If you’re like me and you delight in hand drawn ennui and comics that punch you in the heart this is 7 dollars well spent.




Mental Health With Comics

Depression is hard to explain. Not the concept but what it’s actually like when you just cant. I seek out comics about depression partially because when I’m down in the pit they’re about all I can read but also because comics are uniquely able to capture what enui feel like.

Jane Mai’s Sorry I Can’t Come in on Monday I’m Really Really Sick, is a mini comic that captures fully every mental health day I’ve ever taken. It’s a handful of pages that touches on everything from suicide, abuse, self harm and the banality of having only the internet to keep you company on those days when you’re not sick but you still need help.


The art and the words are spares but this is truly a case of less is more. It allows readers to fill in the blanks with their own experiance. It shows how universal but also deeply personal mental illness is.

Mai’s mini comic is avaliable at Bergen Comics for all my local reader but also online at Jane Mai’s Garbage site. If you have a spare three dollars this book is a Band aide for your soul.