New York is My Abusive Boyfriend by Sarah Vale

I’m afraid to leave New York.
I’m afraid it will be too good some where else but I’ll always be a little bored
I’m afraid I will lose touch with the beat and the culture, afraid I will age.

I’m afraid that if I leave New York I will never come back
That I’ll never be able to come back

It feels like I’m on a sinking ship
and if I give up this piece of real estate wreckage that I’m clinging too
I’ll never find another that could support my weight
I’m to heavy now for this city

To loaded down with debt
too many emotions
too many streets are haunted now
ghosts of my past
of people and things that didn’t last

Maybe I could be happy some where else?
But what if somewhere else is full of the same kind of people I hate?
Only there’s less of them
And no Central Park in all seasons
No stage managing the Bowery
No snowed in mornings in the Met

New York is like an abusive boyfriend
He beats me but I just can’t seem to leave
He always gives me the sweetest kisses
And the harshest blows.





That’s Saul Williams amazing voice you’re hearing. I know who I’m voting for, I hope the candidate you choose will be a vote for all of us as well. In this system our candidates are supposed to be our voices so help us all be heard. Too many have been silent for so long and we can not go forward that way.


Mr. Robot or Mr. Status Quo


I wanted to like Mr. Robot, I really did. It was the surprise must see show of the summer from creator Sam Esmail. On the surface it seemed to have everything I love, hacking, anti-capitalist action, Christian Slater but there were some issues that were so egregious I nearly stopped watching. I’m glad I stuck with it through the end of the season and I will be watching season 2 but that doesn’t mean I’m letting this show off easy.

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New Orleans 10 Years Later

You might remember Ursa from her cat calls comic which made reddit waves. Now she’s back with a touching commentary on the devastation that Katrina wrought upon New Orleans and it’s lasting effects on the city. This comic sums up what we’ve been hearing from activist circles lately, that the only parts of the city that bounced back were the upper class mostly white neighborhoods. As we saw here in New York as well, when the storms come they hit the poor and minority groups the hardest and no one seems keen on making sure aid gets to where it’s really needed. From one broken city to another, condolences and hope that when the storms come again we handle them better.

Pussy Riot I Can’t Breath

I can’t breath, the dying words of Eric Garner became a rallying cry in New York against police brutality and now the famed Russian band Pussy Riot has given the words new power in their latest song. To be honest I’ve never seen the video of Eric Garners murder. I have a hard time watching people die so this song was the first time I’ve heard the audio of that event. It’s not easy to listen to and it shouldn’t be. This song is a reminder of why we are fighting. Why we shut down bridges and tunnels, because there’s a portion of our population that is stopped every day because of the color of their skin. Because they get murdered over selling a god damn cigarette and our justice department won’t even have a trial. Marches are long, thanks Pussy Riot for giving me a good song to listen to while I’m hitting the streets and for the reminder of what we’re fighting.