No fate but what we make. This is totally worth the read.


Pssssst. Hey, you! Your spiritual practice might just be playing into the same harmful notions of the heteromonotheisticpatriarchy that you’ve been trying to distance yourself from, thus feeding into a never-ending cycle of shame&blame.

Let’s go for a walk…

Do you believe that if you align yourself correctly, good will come to you more than it will come to others? Do you believe that your spiritual practice will somehow protect you from evil— or from Death, destruction, and decay? Howabout the reverse: do you believe that you might call terrible things towards yourself because its some sort of lesson that you need to learn, or maybe because you’re ‘out of alignment’?

Let’s try this one on for size: “If you’re a good girl, you’ll go to Heaven. And if you’re bad, you’ll go to Hell.”?

Still with me?

News Flash: The world is a chaotic abyss of nothingness and wonder…

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WIR: Does Lauren Beukes have an award yet?


Last year just before Halloween I got to devour Broken Monsters which was nothing short of stunning. The way she treated Detroit like a haunted house, a ruin of a town like the ruin of bodies the serial killer left standing in for something greater and more grisly. If you haven’t read it yet you need to. From that preamble I assume you can tell I was excited to pick up The Shining Girls.

The Shining Girls is about a time traveling serial killer but it’s mostly about vulnerable women. The girls on the edge, who seemingly put themselves in harms way because most people don’t realize that to be female is to constantly be in harms way. All of the “victims” in Beukes book are women pushing social norms, whither that means being an abortionist or a social worker, a scientist or a showgirl. The sad thing is that as I was reading I didn’t notice that motif, I just saw the type of women killed everyday because women are killed everyday. Sometimes for something as small as ignoring a cat call. Beukes intentionally wanted call attention to issues of violence against women, partially because, like most people, she knew a victim of domestic violence.

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What I’m Reading: The LumberJanes Vol. 1


I know I’m late to the ballgame with this one but when my little sister gave me this one for Christmas I had no choice but to sit down and promptly read the whole thing. Even if most of the family was in the middle of a game of Mafia De Cuba.

Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis are people to watch. The Lumberjanes are cartoony without being overly cute. It’s like if Adventure Time went to a girl scout summer camp.

While this comic is certainly meant for a younger audience reading it as an adult was still a good use of my time. It’s one of those fast reads that makes a sick day a little less gloomy.

Lumberjanes vol.1 is my first read of 2016 (good start I’d say) from 2015 I still need to finish:

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

The Shining Girls by Lauren Burkes

I also stated Anna Karenina because fuck it, gotta read the classics sometime right?

I want to read a hundred books this year because I like reading more than interacting with people on the subway.

1 book down 99 more to go.




20 Great Comic Book Series to Read This Summer

Rat Queens and Saga forever!


With Marvel and DC narratives increasingly taking over our movies and television shows, it’s sometimes hard to remember that there are tons of other comic book series to read — and what better time to do so than during a lazy summer full of unoriginal reality programs and questionable blockbuster movies? Plus, comics are lightweight and convenient to throw into a beach bag. Here are 20 series to check out, featuring everything from teen camp scouts to self-aware robots, and Golden Age of Hollywood noir to prison exploitation riffs.

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