WIR: Jessica Jones: Alias Vol 1


Why yes I have jumped on the Jessica Jones bandwagon and as I was lucky enough to get a copy of this for christmas I just had to devour it in basically one go.

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What I’m Reading: Hawkeye Vol 3 LA Woman

hawkeye vol 3I know, long title right? Anyway

I was a huge fan of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye when it premiered. It was a title that actually got me buying single titles again. I loved what most people did, the snark, David Aja’s art, the fact that it was a truly stand alone title. It was really hard not to love.  But somewhere around the time Kate Bishop packed off for LA, I stopped reading. I blamed it mostly on my unemployment and thus inability to keep buying weeklies but after reading LA Woman, I’m not surprised I let my weekly buying habits wane.

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Squirrel Girl kicks ass at Wondercon

My favorite thing about this (aside from the adorableness of it all) is that as all good Marvel fans know Squirrel Girl is actually a total badass. She took down THANOS, by herself.

The inclusion of a Spider Gwen cosplayer also reminded me that between her, Squirrel Girl,  Ms. Marvel and Silk, there’s actually a good number of superhero characters that girls who don’t want to be all tits mcgee can cosplay as. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress up in revealing costumes but some of us A:just don’t have the chest to back those outfits up with and B: it’s freaking cold in the North like for most of the year covering more than eight inches of skin really helps keep they hypothermia away and C: some people just don’t like showing that much skin and that’s AOK too.

Steve Love Internet Comic is Your Life

If you’re looking for a good way to eat up your day Steve Love Internet is the place to be.


When I first found this web comic I found myself both wishing there were more and glad there weren’t because I could spend hours reading it’s commentary about our daily interactions with the web. It sums up my love hate relationship with the media so perfectly I had to share it.


I’ve already added Steve to my RSS feed and I’m looking forward to more of those guilty yeah I feel that way giggles as the series continues.  I hope you didn’t have plans for the next 20 minutes.

Ryan Reynolds is officially playing Deadpool!

B4CTg3EIEAAq6nSUsing the above image on Twitter Ryan Reynolds announced that yes he would be returning to the role in 2016 and we’re all going to pretend that other movie was a horrible horrible fever dream. Now it does sadden me that Wade has epic unending skin cancer so his face looks like hamburger meat because Mr. Reynolds is a pretty pretty man but I’ll deal. He’s honestly the only actor that I can currently think of as being sarcastic enough to pull off the role. I’m going to really hope that Marvel’s movie luck holds at least through February 2016.

IDW made my 80’s Fangirl Day


Do you remember Jem? You probably don’t remember Jem but that’s ok because IDW is here to remind you of the totally outragious and batshit crazy cartoon. IDW the publisher of titles like My Little Pony, G.I. Joe and Edward Scissor hands comics is adding to their 80’s cartoon list with the announcement of a comic about Jem and I couldn’t be happier.

Let me break down the plot of Jem for those of you who don’t remember anything beyond the fact that it happened.

Jerrica Benton’s father dies leaving her a music company with a talking holograph machine and a house full of orphans but apparently not a fortune. In order to make money to care for the orphans Jerrica uses the holograph machine to create the band called Jem and the Holograms with her multi-ethnic friends. The machine named Synergy projects the hologram of an 80’s glam band on Molly over the girls and something something music…look don’t think to hard about it. Mind you Jerrica is also like a teenager so why she has control over any of this is beyond me. What follows is basically battles of the band with their musical enemies The Misfits (shhh lets pretend they’re not a real band). Who are also decked out in 80’s crazy town fashion but you know more evil looking.

My absolute favorite part of this series of events that makes no sense is Rio Pacheco Jerrica’s boyfriend who is cheating on her with Jem. The amazingly named Rio doesn’t know that Jerrica and Jem are the same person so we’re all just supposed to be cool with him cheating on his girlfriend…with his girlfriend. If Jerrica has a problem with him cheating on her she sure doesn’t mention it to the audiance. He also has unexplained anger issues because why not.

I can not wait to see how IDW does with this pile of crazy they’ve purchased.