How Romance Novels Ruined Me

Romance novels ruined Dune for me.

That sounds weird I know so let me explain. I’ve spent about five years not just reading romance novels but editing them and reviewing them. Really, thinking about them. I spent five years focusing on small towns and Amish heroines. Five years of reunion romances and everyone getting their HEA, Happily Ever After for the uninformed.

So I know how you can think that maybe these stories that all seem to end the same ruined me because Dune’s ending is a little bit of a cliffhanger, sure it stands on it’s own but you want to know more. But you’d be wrong. My want to read Dune Messiah isn’t what we’re talking about.

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Planetary Favorites

Planets!Do you choose your jewelry based on how many amazing nerd points you’ll earn if anyone at all recognizes what you have on you? If so you hit the fucking jackpot here. Etsy crafter Chrysalism¬†has created these stunning necklaces made to look like your favorite made up planet. Because really if a someone recognizes that you’re wearing Arrakis around you’re neck you clearly need to get to know that person. Maybe biblically.