Everyone Needs Robot Hugs

2013-03-04-Cat tea

Robot Hugs has been one of my favorites for a while now. When it started it was just you’re usual webcomic adorableness but somewhere along the way Robot Hugs became an advocate for mental health, feminism and queer issues and I couldn’t be happier. Today’s comic about Mental Health Harm Reduction¬†advocates for something I rarely see in the mental health community, the understanding that our bad coping skills are still coping skills. Comics like this have become the norm on Robot Hugs which had lead to mean situations where I’m attempting to explain something like the reason many men don’t notice street harassment¬†and all I want to do is go “Here why don’t you read this comic.” It will be faster and we’ll both hate each other less at the end.

RH’s commentary is concise and on the mark. They do a better job of explaining the nuances of these issues that I ever could in a Facebook debate. I have long thought that comics are a great educational tool. Especially when they’re actually entertaining the way RH is. Not every comic deals with serious issues, I’d say for every long form awareness raising comic there’s an adorable cat or relationship comic. I find the subject matter to be pretty balanced between the serious and the not-so serious which really is a pretty accurate representation of life at times.

If you’re looking for a new webcomic to add to your RSS feed Robot Hugs should be at the top of that list.