Squirrel Girl kicks ass at Wondercon

My favorite thing about this (aside from the adorableness of it all) is that as all good Marvel fans know Squirrel Girl is actually a total badass. She took down THANOS, by herself.

The inclusion of a Spider Gwen cosplayer also reminded me that between her, Squirrel Girl,  Ms. Marvel and Silk, there’s actually a good number of superhero characters that girls who don’t want to be all tits mcgee can cosplay as. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dress up in revealing costumes but some of us A:just don’t have the chest to back those outfits up with and B: it’s freaking cold in the North like for most of the year covering more than eight inches of skin really helps keep they hypothermia away and C: some people just don’t like showing that much skin and that’s AOK too.


Squirrel Girl Can Kick Your Ass


To use the parlance of our times, Squirrel Girl is getting her own comic and I can’t even. Written by the awesome Ryan North with art by Erica Henderson, Marvel just shut up and take my money already. I’ve long loved Squirrel Girl, a member of the Great Lakes Avengers whose also happened to have beaten almost every major Marvel villain…but you know no big D or anything. She’s always been a side character who is often forgotten when discussions of strong women in comics comes up. I’m happy to see Marvel is finally giving this furry little badass her due. I can’t wait to have more of her on my shelves. Check out Entreatment Weekly for the full scoop.