No justice



I wish this all was a book I was reading and that I could close it and make it stop. That there’d be some hero that could swoop in and teach everyone a lesson and save the day and make it so that no more kids would die.

But it’s not.

I’ll see you in the streets.



Someone on the Internet couldn’t sleep

Dear Internet, I love when you get bored and make insane mashups. I also love when they include one of my favorite movies. So here you go readers, Guardians of the Galaxy with a little 90’s Friends nostalgia mixed in.

Chestnuts roasting on the 8Bit fire?

It may be the fact that I’m a total 80’s baby but this 8 bit Fireplace by JamesBit on Etsy warms my nerdy little heart.


I don’t even own a fire place but I’m actually considering getting this anyway just because look at it! It’s beyond bad ass. In case you’re wondering it’s a painting on a canvas that you can order in different sizes to fit your fireplace. Personally I think this is a zillion times cooler than putting a candelabra from target in there. Just saying.

But for apartment dwellers lacking in fireplaces fear not James has other 8bit awesomeness to adorn your living spaces. Check out the Secret Passage floor decal 


If I were a child this would blow my mind. I’ve had Vinyl floor decals in my place before and they are not only neato they’re easy to clean and can generally tolerate being walked on. They also come up easy when it’s time to move or you get sick of them without leaving a mess. So you know you can get your savings deposit back and all of that.

Remember we’re adults that means we get to live how we want. Decorate your castle with things that make you smile.

The Best Mash-Up Of ALL TIME


You’re welcome.

I don’t know who Daily ReHash is but I owe them a cookie bouquet because I haven’t seen anything that has made me this nostalgically happy in months.  Guardians of the Galaxy is the film that made me the happiest in 2014 and Land Before Time scared me for life but it’s also one of the best cartoons of my childhood. So here you go internet, I hope it makes your Monday a little bit easier.


Books That Make Me Cry In Public

I really hate public displays of emotion involving me. If we’re hanging out feel free to lose your shit I’ll hold your hat till your done. But when it comes to me, I don’t want anyone seeing me cry ever. It’s also pretty easy to make me cry. You’ think I would have learned that certain books are not for public consumption. But no. I also hate myself. As the majority of my reading is done on the subway you can see this is a reoccurring issue. So here’s a new segment I’m starting. Books that make me cry in public. (Spoilers ahoy)
The Timeliest answer is The Hunger Games. ALL. FUCKING. THREE. OF. THEM.


Basically any scene relating to Rue or District 11 and I need the tissues. It’s ugly cry time hard core. You would think the ending of Mockingjay (which I mostly read in the NYC District Courthouse because I magically had jury duty or as I call it “Good Citizen Paid Reading Time”) would have done me in but I think I was actually in to much shock. Oh also the bombing of District 8 and when Gale goes over to the dark side. ughh excuse me I think my contacts are …..I have to go.

Earned Any Geek Merit Badges?

If there are any former scouts here you might be amused by this little piece of modded nostalgia, Geek Merit Badges from The Storied Threads etsy shop.

Bibliophilepatch geekpatch1 geekpatch2 geekpatch3

And I have to admit if I were still in High School this would be sewn on to my pants in a heart beat.

il_570xN.680626955_iottI’m pretty sure my Earth Sciences teacher would have been down. Mr. Coleman was a cool dude.

What Makes a Good Diary Comic

I’m a huge fan of diary comics. Julia Wertz is probably one of the best. Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy fame had a great one called DAR. Even Lucy Knisley had Stop Paying Attention . For many diary comics seem to be a way to get started. The problem with that is that sometimes life just isn’t interesting. I spend a good 8 hours day at my office day job. There’s maybe one thing a week that happens that would bring amusement to anyone else and that’s if I’m lucky. I see a lot of up coming diary cartoonist that give me faithful representations of their day but not of the human experience. There needs to be a context, readers need a reason to care about a diary comic beyond voyeurism. A good diary comic is able to catch the absurdity that is much of our every day lives. The specifics of events make them interesting but their universality is what makes the comics meaningful. A good diary comic shows that even when you feel like you’re the only person on the planet who does or feels a certain way there’s always someone out there who feels just like you.